Our natural environment

The natural paradise of Cavalaire sur mer

To discover Cavalaire is to plunge into an ecosystem of incomparable beauty, where the Mediterranean Sea gently embraces the golden coastline and lush green hills. The flora and fauna of this enchanting region will enchant you and offer you an unforgettable sensory experience.

Dazzling flora

The hills of Cavalaire are adorned with a dazzling mosaic of colours. The umbrella pines rise majestically, while the arbutus trees unfurl their red fruits, evoking a palette of warm tones. The enchanting scents of wild thyme, lavender and mimosa fill the air, creating a serene atmosphere.

In the heart of the maquis, the cork oak reigns supreme. Its thick bark, used for centuries in the production of cork, testifies to the deep bond between man and nature. This thickness protects them from the unfortunate fires that sometimes ravage our regions.

These majestic trees, which seem to defy time, also provide a unique habitat for many species, contributing to the ecological wealth of Cavalaire.

A diverse fauna

Sunny summer days are filled with the lively song of cicadas, a natural symphony that accompanies every walk. Agile and curious lizards scurry between the stones, adding a lively touch to the Mediterranean landscape.


In Cavalaire’s azure sky, seagulls soar gracefully over the sparkling waves, symbolising freedom. Their melodious cries punctuate the sunny days, creating a unique marine symphony.

Discovering nature

You may be lucky enough to come across a Hermann’s tortoise on your walks. You’ll have to pay close attention to watch it as it wanders quietly through the scrub, bearing witness to the richness of life on earth Just be careful not to touch it! It is one of the most endangered reptiles in Europe and the world.


You’ll be surprised to see some ploughed paths… This is the work of wild boars digging in the ground to find food. They are visible both day and night. Make sure you do not disturb them, especially when they are with their young. Keep your dog on a lead as they may injure them in their attempt to defend themselves.

During your excursions in Cavalaire

  • Respect the environment and protect the local ecosystems: never leave litter on a hike or on the beach, and keep it sorted.
  • Respect the flora during your excursions: walk on the paths and don’t pick the flowers.
    Use sun cream instead of oil: oil forms a film on the surface of the water, slowing down photosynthesis and therefore the growth of coastal plants, whereas cream dissolves more easily in water.
  • Don’t throw cigarette butts on the beach: a cigarette butt lasts for 12 years, so remember to take a pocket ashtray or ask for the free ashtrays that are available at the Tourist Office reception desk and at the beach lifeguard posts during the summer.