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Discover the flavours of Provence


Your stay at Cavalaire is the perfect time to discover and enjoy the culinary delights for which Provence is famous.

Local produce, grown under the generous Provencal sun, transforms every meal into a celebration of flavours.








Provencal Must-haves

Olive Oil: Provence is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest olive oils, which add an elegant touch to any dish.

Herbes de Provence : This aromatic blend of herbs from Provence is the signature of many local dishes. Used sparingly, it adds an explosion of unique Provencal flavours..

Pine nuts: These delicate seeds from the pine cone add a crunchy texture and subtle flavour to Provencal dishes. Whether in salads, pasta dishes or desserts, pine nuts are a true delicacy.

Fish and Seafood: Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Cavalaire offers fish and seafood of unrivalled freshness. Watch for the arrival of the fishermen each morning.

Local wines: Explore the surrounding vineyards and discover the region’s exceptional wines. The local sun-drenched grape varieties produce red, white and rosé wines that will give your meal a real holiday flavour.

Pin du sud
La mer vu de haut
Plan rapproché sur le bord de mer

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