Les trésors sous-marins de Cavalaire en plongée

Cavalaire is home to a thousand underwater treasures:

  • 12 wrecks in and around the bay of Cavalaire
  • Numerous underwater rocks and reefs to take your breath away
  • Exceptional flora and fauna

The marine reserve

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez is part of the Aire Marine Protégée, a marine protected area that is home to an exceptional biodiversity and an abundance of underwater life. The aim of this marine reserve is to conserve and protect the region’s marine ecosystems in the long term, while promoting ecotourism and raising public awareness of the importance of marine conservation.

These protected areas have been established to regulate human activities such as fishing, shipping and tourism The Gulf of Saint-Tropez Marine Reserve extends from the Pointe de Rabiou in Saint-Tropez to Cap Nègre in Rayol-Canadel.

Discover the underwater treasures of Cavalaire by scuba diving

The Bonporteau Marine trail in Cavalaire

Discover the wonders of the seabed in the Cavalaire marine reserve along the Bonporteau marine trail. Come and discover its golden beaches and secret coves, where you’ll find sea bream, wrasse and scorpion fish in the meadows of Posidonia, a source of oxygen for fish in the marine environment, as well as rocks and anemone gardens. This posidonia forms a true marine forest and is a refuge for many species.

In the heart of the Cavalaire marine reserve, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, you can enjoy fun underwater excursions to explore the seabed.

The trail is open to the public during the summer, with underwater signs attached to buoys describing the site’s attractions . If you’d like to find out more about the local underwater treasures of Cavalaire, join one of our guided tours with a qualified instructor-guide.

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