At nightfall

Cavalaire at dusk

After a busy day, let yourself be enchanted by Cavalaire’s magical nightlife as you stroll through its illuminated streets. Enjoy a sweet treat in the heart of the town or along the seafront.

Then head to Cavalaire’s Port Heraclea, where you can admire the boats from the various terraces along the quayside in a maritime atmosphere. Whether on the port or in the town centre, you’ll find lively bars where you can sway to the beat on the dance floor for a wild night out.

To make this promising night last longer

The Cavalaire Casino is the ideal place for a night out with friends, with the latest generation of slot machines, 12 electronic English roulette machines, an outdoor slots & blackjack terrace (smoking area), a traditional games room and much more. If you fancy a gastronomic break, a restaurant is available from midday to 2am and from 7am to 11am, providing a welcome respite to regain your strength before plunging back into the excitement of Cavalaire’s nightlife.


Caution, Gambling can be harmful

Debt, addiction, isolation
To get help, talk to a member of our team or call 09 74 75 13 13 – cost of a local call.

In Cavalaire, entertainment has no season. Whether it’s in summer, when the heat envelops the town in a soft cloak, or low season, when the streets are quieter, you’ll always find festive entertainment to liven up your evenings.

Musical evenings in midsummer

On warm summer evenings, Cavalaire comes alive with music The open-air musical evenings will transport you to a lively atmosphere where headliners and local artists will entertain you. An evening at the Bodega promises an explosion of flavours and rhythms, combining musical variety with typical Mediterranean hospitality. Concerts and cocktails offer the chance to share and discover new music in a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Even in low season, Cavalaire has no shortage of evening entertainment. More intimate concerts and “apéros scènes” invite you to enjoy music in a more relaxed atmosphere. And for those in search of a good laugh, comedians are on hand to ensure that your evenings are filled with high spirits and relaxation.

In short, whether in summer or out of season, Cavalaire offers you a wide range of festive activities so that you can make the most of every moment of your evenings, whether you want to sing, dance or laugh out loud.


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